Where to learn to trade

There are numerous free resources on the internet where one can learn about trading. Success at trading is the combination of knowledge and experience. Just like learning to draw, you must first know the different types of paper available, the kind of drawing mediums out there, like ink, charcoal, oil, water colour or pen. You definitely would not want to do ball point pen drawing on canvas! And what is the knowledge part equivalent in trading? That is learning about what markets you can trade in, the way you can trade them, where to trade them and how to go about trading them.

Next comes the experience part. First, you have to try things out and see what suits you. For a painter, you may find that oil painting on canvas is what you like and excel in. Similarly, after trading in various markets and trying out different trading strategies, you may discover what you should do that best suits your trading style. You might be a day trader trading 5 mins charts in S & P futures or a longer term trader who specialise in trend following the EURUSD currency pair.

Those who cannot do it, go teach. This is one of the main reasons I am against paying exorbitant fees to “learn how to trade”. In case you think I am slapping myself, this is a trading knowledge site. You need to actually take trades, watch the markets and experiment for yourself to see what actually works for you.

Well, of course there are exceptions to everything in life. A popular way of analyzing the market is by watching and deducing order flows. Unfortunately, I believe this is more the domain of bank traders and dealers. They are the ones who possess the true information about customer orders and are closest to the happenings in the forex market. Extremely informative advice in such areas can also be found online. One notable expert in this area is Sam Seiden.

To learn about the basics of forex trading in particular:

Babypips School
This free online course is quite complete but rather long-winded in my opinion. Haha. If you have the patience to finish it, it’s good.

Investopedia Technical Analysis
A good place to learn about technical analysis basics.

FXStreet Learning Center
Another quality online forex course! And for free as well!

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